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MS Project Free Download – Important Features of the Tool

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Microsoft Project has been an integral tool for the project managers over the last few decades. Microsoft is known for its quality, and thus it has not let down the expectation with MS Project too. This effective project management tool includes two important factors. One is excellent control and the other feature is terrific visibility. For project managers, this tool is definitely an invaluable asset. No effective substitute still there to this tool, and thus it is worth to look for ms project free download. Now, before you download this powerful tool for project management, let us find some effectual tips or tricks for handing this tool.

MS Project Free Download

Resolving the Resource Conflict

Waste of resources is always an issue for an organization. While large companies do not care about this, small companies do not afford to waste even 1% of resource. This is because wasting resource makes it difficult to attain cost-effectiveness with final project. To stop over allocation of resources and wasting resources from a project Microsoft Project has some effective features to provide. It gives calendar to make easy scheduling and you can also estimate project cost with the help of this tool. There is a monitoring slack on Gantt Charts that helps you balance your resources. You can create a balance sheet of allocated resources and expensed resources. It also gives you the estimated allocation of resource at any given stage of the project.

Set Your Deadlines

For better project management, strict deadline has to be followed. Missing deadline means loss of extra resources, money and time. Furthermore, missing deadlines creates bad impression of you calibers on clients. MS Project helps you to set your deadlines with precision. You can divide the whole project in small components or phases. You can set deadlines for each phase so that final deadline can be met with precision. The colander allows adding you important dates, alarms and reminders.

Collaborative Projects

How many times you find that collaborative project has turned into complete mess? Well, in order to make your collaborative projects seamless, you can easily use Microsoft Project tool. It provides project sharing option with different users. You can share it to as many users as possible. Furthermore, it allows sharing project on cloud platforms, like Google Drive, Drop box, etc. As a result, project become easy accessible for a group and people can update project as per the tasks that they have been allocated.

Creating Professional Project Report

It is worth to go for MS Project Free Download, as this software or project management tool helps in creating professional project reports. You can add all important points to the project report, as the tool helps you to find them together at one place.

Project Timeline

MS Project lets to add project timeline. It shows your live project progress. Also, it helps in finding how different projects components or phases have been concluded. You can identify the areas of concern and can bolster or reinforce those portions with more resource allocation or human employment. Using MS Project is simple as well as effective.

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