MS Project For Mac

Mac is generally not known for accounting or project management tasks. This operating system based computers are generally used for graphic designing, video editing, and other such creative tasking purposes. However, recently, Mac is also getting used for general tasks that we commonly perform with Windows. With MS Project For Mac, you can do accounting and project management tasks with precision. A blend of Windows based office environment and Mac OS makes it quite seamless for users to do the tasking without facing any glitches. Here in this article, we shall have a look on the various features of Microsoft project for Mac.

1. You Can Crete Timelines

This is a very basic feature though it is essential as well as important for seamless project management. Timeline lets you to estimate the project completion rate. It helps you to understand that how much speedy works you need to deliver to finish the task within a specific deadline. Furthermore, a timeline is important, when project is handled by various executives or operators at different stages. New operator will understand the existing works that have been done by checking timeline. So, even though a basic feature, it carries huge importance.

MS Project For Mac

2. Import or Export File Formats

When it comes to tasking in Microsoft Office, we are generally used to with import and export of various kinds of files. These features help us to merge different data on a single platform. For example, we can import a picture in our word file document so that blunt text can become interesting with the presence of pictorial representation. Microsoft project for Mac also features these export and import options. You can import Microsoft files to Mac without facing any glitches. On the other hand, you can create a Microsoft friendly version of your project by using the export option.

3. Syncing with Cloud Services

Many people are relying these days on the cloud hosting for keeping their documents. Not just excellent record keeping, but it helps easy access of the project files for everyone within an organization. When it comes to collaborative projects, using cloud environment is quite a common thing. Hence, syncing with cloud services is truly a fantastic feature of Microsoft project for Mac. You can sync your document with cloud service platforms, like Drop box, iCloud, Google Drive, etc. Shar5ing your project on these platforms will help you to make the project accessible to multiple remote users. Nevertheless, you can also access your project from any computer.

4. Create a Calendar

Once again, this is a basic feature. But, yet again it has to be said that the feature turns quite handy with large scale projects, where extensive data needs to be added. This feature of MS Project For Mac will help you to create your own calendar, according to project deadlines. It makes scheduling different components of projects with ease. It also helps in better project management. Overall, this feature is worth using. You can also integrate Google Calendar or iCalendar, but having an in-built calendar is always good.

5. Easy Scheduling

When it comes to managing Microsoft project for Mac, project scheduling has been given great importance. Deadline of project matters a lot for the professional users. You need to complete your project within a sharp deadline otherwise there is no credit in working on a project. For easy scheduling, drag and drop features are available. Simple drag and drop your tasks on calendar in order to schedule your day to day task. This helps in better project collaboration and easier project management.

6. Generate Detailed Project Report

After completing a project successfully, you need a detailed project report. The project report will tell about various aspects of the projects. This will help you to know the advantages as well as the challenges that you or your team had faced during the project. This will also help you to make real project cost estimation. Report will also include the additional supports that had used during working on the project.

7. Share Project with team Members

When it comes to working on a team or a collaborative project, apart from using cloud platform, you can directly share your project with different Mac users. This helps in better project management and coordination.