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As an iMac or Mac Book Air user, you’re slightly limited when it comes to your software. You can still access some great programs, including Microsoft Word and Excel. It is also possible to utilize a virtual machine or emulator to run many Windows programs. Unfortunately, Microsoft Project isn’t available for the Mac and the Mac-version of Excel lacks many features, which can be found in the Windows alternative. So, before you take the time to purchase a Mac computer, you’ll definitely want to learn about the things you’ll miss, due to the lack of a Microsoft Project Mac.

Microsoft Project MacWhat Is Microsoft Project?

At first glance, Microsoft Project looks very similar to Excel. However, it is much more in-depth and versatile. This project management software gives project managers the ability to effortlessly develop a plan, manage their budget, and monitor workloads. The program was originally released as an MS-DOS application, but it has been enhanced substantially over the years. In 2016, the program received a brand new Reports section and more fluid integration with other Microsoft software. The new version of the software offers several new additions, including Timeline, Resource Agreements, and backwards compatibility.

Easy Organization

Since Mac users will be unable to access Project on their computers, they’ll find it much more difficult to remain organized. With the latest templates within Project, users will be able to plan and manage their projects easier than ever before. This will give them the ability to share the intricate details of the project with their associated and colleagues, so everyone can remain on the same schedule. This is simply one of the biggest benefits Mac users will miss.


Users of Microsoft Project will come to love the Timelines feature. This aspect of the program makes it possible to manage specific projects within your project and set time frames for each. Project managers will be able to examine their Project and immediately know when a task should be completed and when another one will need to be started.

Syncing With Cloud Platforms

Another great feature of the Microsoft Project software is its seamless integration with various Cloud services, including iCloud, Dropbox and even Google Drive. This makes sharing Project documents with your business associates as simple as a few clicks. Unfortunately, a lot of alternative programs for the Mac do not offer this functionality.